Jason Isolini

Public Spheres

Jason’s work in TechnoMEME2 is part of a series called “Public Spheres” and stems from his experience as an independent contractor for Google Maps. “Airborne Fulfillment Center Patent: US9305280B1” was published at location of Amazon’s Fulfillment Center Warehouse in New York City as a navigable 360º image on Google Street view. The works featured at the Fuse Factory are screenshots, where the artist say to have functioned like a virtual photographer within a dystopian view of an airborne warehouse. Relating to Amazon’s first airborne delivery of a bag of Popcorn and an Amazon Fire Stick, the reality of this slapstick tale is quite literally a misallocation of resources towards customer convenience.

Jason’s second series in the show was located at the coordinates of General Electric on Google Maps. The piece titled “Blueprint for Power Grid Breach” is a 360º collage detailing how one could potentially penetrate power grid utility controls, resulting in data theft, or catastrophic infrastructure failure. Sticky notes with hypothetical hacking groups (Sandy Bear, Magic Worm) float through the piece along with ransom messages on tablets. The artist notes that the piece was inspired by a cyber-attack that used the infamous malware “NotPetya” to shut down Maersk’s shipping terminals all over the world, and cost the company 300 billion in damages.

Jason’s work featured in the show was printed at the aspect ratio of IPhone screens, collapsing online space into multiple frames. Each piece is related to a larger panoramic work, and connects the viewer to several orientations within a spherical image.

About the Artist

Jason Isolini is a multimedia artist working with collage. Jason’s work has focused on questions about private-as-public digital infrastructure, and visible verse invisible forms of labor. A recent publication by Vice Magazine titled “This Artist is Hacking Google To Create Surreal Street View Art” features an interview about Jason’s work among others. Recent Exhibitions include “Perma Falling” at 77 Mulberry Street New York, and “Terms and Conditions May Apply” at Annka Kulty’s Gallery London, UK. Jason holds a BFA at the School of Visual Arts and lives and works in Brooklyn New York.

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