Andrew Hammerand

Escape Sequence (2019)

Escape Sequence is a fictional photo-narrative made up of images created by artificial intelligence, using tweets from the 45th American President as source material. Utilizing a currently available text-to-image artificial intelligence interface, I created photographs out of vast amounts of the President’s publicly available tweets which cover topics from global politics, wealth, public policy, immigration reform, as well as tweets that attack his critics within politics, journalism, and citizens alike.

My aim is to visualize the source material with machine vision, while complicating the discussion regarding our use of AI within imaging technologies. The images mirror the dystopian future that many associate with increased used of artificial intelligence. The fear of AI has been echoed in science fiction novels, films, and news articles over the past century. By presenting uncanny images that often are gestural and simultaneously representational, I intend to complicate the issues of truth tied to photography and politics in a time of deep fakes and disinformation.

Andrew Hammerand

About the Artist

Andrew Hammerand (1986, United States) uses photography to examine the interfaces between technology, privacy and our shifting visual culture. His artwork has recently been exhibited at the Museum fur Fotografie, Berlin, International Center of Photographer Museum, New York, Bozar Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, and Carriage Trade, New York. Hammerand has received artist grants from the St. Botolph Club Foundation, Boston, and the Open Society Foundation, New York. Hammerand obtained his Bachelor’s degree in fine art at Arizona State University and his Master’s degree at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.

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Photo courtesy of Matthew Monteith