Jordan Reynolds

122 Incomplete Cubes (2019)

122 Incomplete Cubes is an evolutionary reinterpretation of Sol LeWitt’s Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes (1974). The sculpture is composed of twelve independently controlled fluorescent light fixtures that systematically turns on and off signify which edges of the cube ‘exists’ to form an incomplete open cube. This work aims to visualize the 122 variations of an incomplete open cube in a singular object.

In Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes, LeWitt set out to find all the possible three-dimensional structures of a cube by systematically adding edges without repeating identical forms. Sol has famously been acknowledged as a conceptual artist, and has stated that “the idea becomes a machine that makes art.” In this way, his instructions and concepts become a core focal point of the work. By developing processes and rules for creating art, LeWitt closely associates his method of conceptual work with that of the mathematical definition of an algorithm. Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes then became the artistic product of the implementation of the algorithmic logic.

122 Incomplete Cubes, in turn, is also an artistic product of the algorithm. However different from LeWitt’s, this remixed version of an algorithm runs on a micro-controller that systematically turns on and off fluorescent lights to signify which edges of the cube ‘exists’ to form an incomplete open cube.

Alfa, Bravo, Charlie (2019)

Alfa, Bravo, Charlie is an artwork composed of seven fluorescent light fixtures arranged in the shape of a seven-segment display that systematically spells out each letter of the English alphabet while also transmitting that information at the rhythm of morse code.

This work mediates how humans and non-humans can communicate thoughts/ideas through the transmission of language through text and light. In this specific work, I translated the English alphabet into the language of ones and zeros to communicate with a microcontroller. The microcontroller then translates the ones and zeros back into the English alphabet and transmits that though morse code and a seven-segment display.

About the Artist

Jordan K Reynolds is a Columbus based artist creating objects using industrial materials as the foundation for investigating and recontextualizing material, form, space, and time. The work ranges in methodology and logic, but exist in multiple iterations and variations. These works probe at the idea of a ‘one-of-a-kind’ art object and the division between art and design. These works ultimately become a part of a space, where their context has the ability to alter our perception, understanding, and relationship to light, space, and material.

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